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Founder and crazy cat lady

The cats at Cat Napping owe it all to Ebony. She created her luxury cat hotels to combine her two passions, travel and animals.

Ebony’s qualifications also reflect her life’s loves – she has an Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management and has worked as an international travel consultant. She has also completed Introduction to Vet Nursing at Gordon Institute TAFE, Feline Management with the Australian School of Pet Care and a Certificate III in Animal Studies at the University of Victoria.

Ebony currently shares her home with her cat Bucket but she has room in her heart for every cat!

Feel free to contact Ebony with any suggestions, complaints or compliments (or for a free tummy rub… if you’re a kitty of course!) at


Feline Fun Officer

Lesley has had animals as a major part of her life since forever. With 3 cats of her own now (and 3 friendly Chihuahuas!) she has taken a leap of faith and embarked on a total career change.

After 25 years of teaching teenagers she has joined the Cat Napping team. Joining the team has meant her true passion for animals can now shine. Lesley loves the variety of cats that stay, making sure there’s time for play and fun.

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Kitty Calmer

Trudy has always had a soft spot for animals, after having pets all her life. After working in a variety of different fields over the years she never dreamt of landing a job working with animals until 9 years ago when she started working at Melbourne University in the canine blood bank as a vet assistant. It was then she knew she was meant to pursue a career with animals. After six years at the Uni it was time to find a new venture. Trying to find a job to fit in with her children was priority as family comes first (pets included).

Cat Napping has fitted in with her life purrfectly as well as giving her the joy of doing exactly what she loves.


Kitty Personal Trainer

When Emily was 5 years old she decided she wanted to be a cat. When she grew up a little and realised that was physically impossible and after watching a little too much Harry’s Practice she decided she wanted to help animals instead.

Emily has looked after animals all her life, from cats, dogs, mice and horses. She has previously volunteered at the Geelong Animal Welfare Society in Cat Adoptions and her goal is to become a Veterinary Nurse. She has completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies and is currently studying her Certificate IV in Verterinary Nursing.

Every day at Cat Napping is a dream come true for Emily as she is able spend her time caring for your cuddly and curious kittens!

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Kitty Cuddler

Jodie spent 15 years working in finance and 12 years raising her children before finding her purrfect job. A lifelong lover of animals, Jodie has owned a menagerie of pets throughout the years and currently has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a snake!

Along with working at Cat Napping, Jodie fosters greyhounds and volunteers with Forever Friends Animal Rescue.

For Jodie, her work is more than a job. She spends extra time with the most shy cats, encouraging them to come out of their shell and enjoy their stay as much as possible.


Feline Fanatic

Ever since she was a little girl, Vanessa has always been fascinated with animals. She spent most of her childhood years growing up on a farm where she got to help care for many animals including: cows, goats, chickens, cats and dogs. She now shares her home with 2 dogs (Chihuahua and Doberman cross), 2 cats and a leopard gecko.

Vanessa has spent several years working as a veterinary assistant and kennel attendant caring for dogs, cats and horses. She enjoys traveling the world, seeing new places, meeting new friends and getting the opportunity to work with wildlife such as cheetahs, crocodiles and elephants. She is currently studying the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, to pursue her dream goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Cat napping is the perfect job for Vanessa because it allows her to spend her day caring for kitties and interacting with their owners. Being an international student from Canada, she understands how difficult it can be to leave your pets behind during vacation or study and is determined to provide the best care for clients until their loving owners return.

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Kitty Smoocher

Throughout Holly’s whole life, she has always had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up, Holly has had many different pets ranging from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and guinea pigs, just to name a few. In her family home she currently has 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 yabbies, a rabbit and budgies.

Ever since she was little, Holly always dreamed of working with animals with having the ambitions of becoming a veterinarian, a zoo keeper and even a marine biologist! As a fresh high school graduate, she stumbled across a job opportunity at Cat Napping and has loved working there ever since. She says it’s the perfect job for her.


Kind Kitty Lover

Ever since Shakira was young she has always had a love for animals and has owned a variety of animals in her family home.

She is currently completing her Certificate III in Animal studies and hopes to one day become a Veterinary nurse for a rescue organisation.

She would love to give back to the adoption agency she received her beautiful Tortoiseshell cat Pepper from.

Working at Cat Napping is an absolute dream for Shakira – meeting and looking after all kinds of cats everyday doesn’t feel like work at all. Her favourite part of the job is sending the owners updates to assure them that their fur babies are in the best hands.

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Cat Lover

Melissa has always been passionate about animals and their welfare. After working in various industries she finally decided to follow her passion by completing Certificate II in Animal Studies. After doing placement at Cat Napping, they asked her to join their team.

Caring for and connecting with cats is rewarding and doesn’t feel like work for Melissa.


Kitty Goddess

Natasha has always had feline companions her entire life, and has found them to be simply beautiful creatures who have a rare quality, which is to give and receive affection.  Having had 3 cats of her own, and always having a passion for cats, Natasha’s fascination with them led her to pursue an education within Animal Studies.

Cat Napping is an ideal working environment for Natasha, as it allows her to interact daily with cats and their owners, giving them the reassurance that they need to ensure that their beloved fur babies are in a safe, clean and caring atmosphere, when their owners are away on holidays.

Natasha enjoys the many personalities that all her kitty clients have, and loves caring for them as well as recounting any of their antics to their owners, whilst they are away.  Providing outstanding care and service to the beautiful cats of the Cat Napping Suburban Retreat, is Natasha’s number one priority.  If the cats are happy, Natasha is happy.

I understand that while every care will be given to my cat/s, they are boarded entirely at my own risk. I understand cats with pre-existing conditions can relapse while in a boarding cattery due to stress and dietary change. I give permission for Cat Napping to take my cat/s to their preferred Vet if mine is unavailable. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat reserves the right to surrender the cat/s to the local pound if not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date and if no communication from the owner is received, and efforts to contact the owners fail.