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Cat Accommodation Australia

“I’m Sir Louis Archibald the Third –
a.k.a. The Guest Liaison Cat here at Cat Napping.

I assume you recognise me as the star of the video above, if you haven’t watched it yet do it MEOW.

If you’re anything like my human, you hate the thought of going away because you don’t want your cat to miss out on the comforts of home.

Well, take it from me… Cat Napping is the purrrfect holiday destination for your feline.

The owner of Cat Napping (and also my very special friend Ebony) loves cats… we don’t call her a crazy cat lady for nothing! More than that, she’s an expert in hospitality and animal care, meaning the service at Cat Napping is second-to-none.

So how did you like my first acting purr-formace? I had so much fun showing our new guest around, now let me walk you through the rest of the website.”

Love Louis x


We’re Not a Franchise, We’re A Family

Cat Napping Suburban Retreat is solely owned and created by self confessed crazy cat lady Ebony and her crazy cat loving team.

We Love Cats!

“Why do I keep coming back to Cat Napping?
Because everybody at Cat Napping is a loving and experienced cat person!”
– Louis, Cat Napping Guest Liaison

Cat Sitting  Services Australia

Let the loving carers look after your cat with as much care as you would.

Cat Paradise

Luxurious, secure cat boarding services, complete with all the comforts of home.

Constant Contact

Don’t pine for your cat! Stay in touch with pics via email, text or social media.

Cat Loving Staff

Only the best for cats who need to be handled with care.

Lip Smacking Food

Choose from a range of the very best cat food or bring your own.

Frequent Stayers

Loyalty is rewarded, receive credits every time you stay.

Looking After Cats

Looking after cats is not just what we do, it’s what we live for!

What our Happy Clients say

  • It’s rare to come across a business as caring as Cat Napping. Our much loved kitty Pickles stays with them about 4-5 times a year for anything from a weekend to a couple of weeks. I’m forever grateful for the high level of care, attention and understanding of cats.

  • From the very first contact with Cat Napping we have been impressed and grateful at the genuine care and affection for Hello Kitty shown by all of your staff. We’ve found Hello Kitty perfectly settled into her cosy home away from home. And the regular email updates and photos are a very nice touch which brings us pleasure! Thank you!

    Daniel, Anna, Estella and Hello Kitty
  • I highly recommend Cat Napping. I have taken my cat there on a number of occasions and feel at ease knowing that he will be well cared for and well loved by all the staff. The first time I had to leave my cat I was upset and worried for him but I was soon put at ease. When I went to pick him up I don’t think he wanted to come home!

  • We were hesitant putting Molly into a cattery, being a rescue cat who doesn’t like new surroundings. Then we were drawn to Cat Napping because of the reviews we had read online.
    From the moment we checked her in (I say this because it’s more like a cat hotel!) our minds were put at ease. The photo updates received we could tell that Molly was enjoying her stay.
    Could not recommend this business highly enough!

    Ryan and Sophie

Meet the team

“Here are my lovely friends, the professional carers at Cat Napping. They are the nicest people we could get our paws on!”

  • Cattery Services Melbourne


    Founder & Crazy Cat Lady

  • Cat Kennel Carolina Springs


    Kitty Cuddler

  • Trudy

    Kitty Calmer

  • Luxury Cat Boarding in Melbourne


    Feline Fun Officer

  • Emily


    Kitty Personal Trainer

  • Feline


    Feline Fanatic

  • Holly


    Kitty Smoocher

  • Doris


    Kind Kitty Lover

  • Luxury Cat Boarding in Melbourne


    Cat Lover

  • Nat

    Kitty Goddess

I understand that while every care will be given to my cat/s, they are boarded entirely at my own risk. I understand cats with pre-existing conditions can relapse while in a boarding cattery due to stress and dietary change. I give permission for Cat Napping to take my cat/s to their preferred Vet if mine is unavailable. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat reserves the right to surrender the cat/s to the local pound if not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date and if no communication from the owner is received, and efforts to contact the owners fail.