Cat Boarding Packages in Melbourne

“All cats are created different, and so are our cat boarding packages.” – Louis, Cat Napping Guest Liaison

  • Snooze Shack

    Purrfect for cats
    that like tiny spaces

  • 155cm (h) x 95cm (w) x 188cm (l)
    $24 per night for 1 cat

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  • Urban Terrace

    Purrfect for those
    that enjoy their space

  • 187cm (h) x 102cm (w) x 260cm (l)
    $28 per night for 1 cat
    $40 per night for 2 cats

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  • Deluxe Villa

    Purrfect for families or those
    that like a spacious life

  • 186cm (h) x 144cm (w) x 277cm (l)
    $32 per night for 1 cat
    $48 per night for 2 cats
    $58 per night for 3 cats
    $62 per night for 4 cats

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  • The Residence (Spotswood Only)

    Purrfect for cats,
    that need the royal treatment

  • 6 metres x 4 metres
    $80 per night for 1 cat
    $8 per night for additional cats

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Cat Hotel in Australia - Package

Better than a hotel! Each room features:

  • Elevated private sleeping sanctuaries
  • Cosy warm bedding
  • A dining area with placemat and stainless steel bowls
  • A personal bathroom at ground level
  • Scratching post for exercise and stretching
  • Unlimited cuddles, pats and tummy rubs

Our retreats are free standing and fit for a kitty-king! They’re four times larger than regulation size.

Cat owners will also have peace of mind with no hidden costs or surcharges to surprise you when you come to collect your little darling.

Cats who stay with us at Cat Napping all get:

  • Delicious, quality food including Royal Canin, Fancy Feast, Whiskas and Roo Meat
  • Breeder’s Choice recycled kitty litter
  • On call emergency vets
  • Regular updates and photos sent to their humans
  • Optional solo exercise time in the playpen
  • Long stay discounts apply from 29 nights*
  • The option to bring their own food to save $2 per night, per cat

*One discount per booking

Cat Accommodation Cost in Melbourne - Pricing

I understand that while every care will be given to my cat/s, they are boarded entirely at my own risk. I understand cats with pre-existing conditions can relapse while in a boarding cattery due to stress and dietary change. I give permission for Cat Napping to take my cat/s to their preferred Vet if mine is unavailable. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat reserves the right to surrender the cat/s to the local pound if not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date and if no communication from the owner is received, and efforts to contact the owners fail.