The staff at Cat Napping need to make sure your cat is healthy before arriving so that they can ensure the ongoing health of all cats who visit our facilities.

It is code of practice that Cat Napping receives a document from your vet specifying that your loved one has had an F3 or F4 vaccine within the past twelve months and at least 2 weeks prior to their stay.

If your cat has not been vaccinated, please keep in mind it will take at least two weeks for full immunity to take place after vaccination.

No, we will provide food from our quality range, but you can opt to bring your own if you prefer.

When you check in, staff will ask you about food preferences and try their best to ensure cats receive the food they are accustomed. Cat Napping is also very accommodating to those who prefer to bring along their own food. It will be stored in a fridge or freezer as required, plus you receive a discount if you do supply your own food.

All staff regularly check the health of guests by monitoring their behaviour, appetite and litter usage.

When you check in, the team will ensure they have your best contact details for while you are away, and the contact details of your regular vet to keep on hand in case of an emergency. We will be in touch with you straight away if your cat begins shows any signs of being unwell.

If we are unable to reach you, your cat will be taken to our preferred vet, who we have been using for several years.

Please do! We are more than happy to give you the grand tour of our luxury cat boarding facilities anytime during our opening hours.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is enjoying their stay at our luxury cat hotel! The carers will send you happy snaps via email or social media and keep you posted on what they have been up to.

Hopefully it will be, just contact Cat Napping to discuss your cat’s illness before booking. As Cat Napping is unattended overnight there are some conditions that are unable to be accommodated by our lovely staff.

Unfortunately we are unable to as Cat Napping is unattended overnight and not all conditions can be accommodated by our team. We recommend attending a cattery that is attached to a vet clinic.

There are some requirements to ensure the health and safety of all our special guests at Cat Napping.

To make sure no kitties get ‘into trouble’, your cat:

  • Must be desexed
  • Must be at least 3 months of age

In addition:

  • Worm and flea treatment is recommended 10-14 days before boarding. Please note that all guests found with fleas, flea dirt or worms will be treated at their owner’s expense.
  • Carriers must be used to transport your loved one to and from Cat Napping. Traffic can be quite heavy outside our catteries and we do not want them to escape between your car and our front door!

Cat Napping supplies all guests with luxurious bedding, blankets, scratching poles, toys and feeding bowls but you can definitely bring your own. We also recommend that you bring an article of clothing with your scent on it as this has been known to relax and ease cats into their stay. You may also bring along your pet’s favourite toys, scratching pole, basket or blankets to ensure they are relaxed during their stay.

Our cat hotels are fully enclosed warehouses and your cat will not be removed from the premises during their stay (unless it’s for a vet visit). However our roller door is open during the day to allow fresh air in and for cats to hear and feel the outdoors.

Under the strict care of the team at Cat Napping, your cat will never be in direct contact with other guests. We assure you that they will receive plenty of attention and affection from the staff and will never feel lonely!

The Cat Napping team asks that your balance is paid upon check in.

Over the busy Christmas holiday period, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your retreat, which is payable upon booking.

Cat Napping accepts cash, Mastercard or Visa payments. Rest assured that there are no hidden costs as we don’t charge extra for peak periods, brushing, administering medication or looking after senior cats.

That’s ok! Any remaining pre-paid nights will be placed in credit for your next visit.

Cat Napping Coburg is the only cattery with fully air conditioned and heated facilities all year round. In our other locations, in summer we put ice in water bowls and lay out damp towels for senior or longer haired cats. Clients are welcome to bring a gel cooling pad for their cat’s retreat in the warmer months or hot water bottles and/or extra bedding in cooler months.

Generally speaking anywhere from 25+ minutes daily – it depends on the number of cats staying with us and the individual cats. Not all our guests are up for leaving their retreat so we monitor each cat’s behaviour and how they are settling in to judge when it’s best to encourage playtime outside their retreat.

Yes! Even the tricky ones! We are a team of cat and animal lovers with a wide range of animal backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. We provide care, watch behaviours, monitor eating and ensure they are doing well during their stay. The very best parts of our day are spent with your cat: we pat, we brush, we chat, we give chin rubs and head bumps, we play with them and their toys, and whatever else makes them happy!