1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all services provided by Cat Napping Suburban Retreat Pty Ltd (ABN: 88 624 160 667).
  2. Your agreement to these terms and conditions will be indicated by: the execution of any contract, commencement or completion of any business activities, or use of any of our services, including the Website, whichever occurs first.
  3. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in force in the State of Victoria.
  4. These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without notice.
  5. If any clause of these Terms and conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the invalid or unenforceable clause shall be deemed to be omitted.


  1. All felines must be desexed.
  2. All felines must be at least 12 weeks of age.
  3. All felines must be vaccinated and must provide proof of vaccination to Cat Napping Suburban Retreat upon drop off.
  4. Flea and worming treatments are highly recommended.
  5. If Cat Napping Suburban Retreat finds that your feline has fleas or worms while in our care, we reserve the right to treat any felines for fleas/worms. Additional charges will be added to your invoice.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If you cancel your booking with at least 5 full days’ notice, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
  2. If you cancel your booking with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will forfeit the whole amount that you have paid.

Collection of felines

  1. Felines can be collected during our opening hours which are Monday- Sunday 9am- 1pm and 4pm- 6pm.
  2. Out of hours collections may be arranged but will incur an additional fee. This service must be arranged at least 72 hours prior to intended pick up. Acceptance of your pick up time is subject to our availabilities and may be refused if we are unable to accommodate your time.
  3. If you collect your feline early, then the balance of unused nights will be credited to your Cat Napping Suburban Retreat account for future stays.
  4. If your feline is not collected by the nominated check out date, the standard nightly charge will apply for each night until the feline is collected.


  1. We use a Stripe Encrypted system to take payments online.
  2. All prices are charged on a per night basis.
  3. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  4. If the full amount for your booking is under $500.00, full payment is due:
  • at the time of booking (if booked online); or
  • at the time of dropping off your feline (if booked over the phone)
  • deposits are non-refundable during this period, expect at the discretion of management.
  1. If the full amount for your booking is over $500.00 and you book online, then full payment is due at the time of the booking.
  2. If the full amount for your booking is over $500.00 and you book over the phone, then a 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time that you drop off the feline. The remaining 50% is due at the time of collection of the feline.
  3. During the peak Christmas period, we will require a non-refundable $50 holding deposit to hold a spot for your feline. This holding deposit is redeemable toward your booking.


  1. For stays over 29 nights, long stay discounts will be applied.
  2. A 10% seniors discount will be applied to the whole booking if a valid Seniors Card is presented at the time of booking.
  3. If you supply your own food for your feline, then you will receive a $2 discount per night of your feline’s stay. However, if you do not provide enough food for the entire stay, we will feed your feline and add a $2 fee for each night that we provide food.
  4. After 5 separate bookings of any duration, you will be entitled to a complimentary $50 credit to be applied to your 6th booking.

Refund policy

  1. We assess each situation on a case by case basis, so please contact us to find out how we can resolve any issues that arise with our service.

Medical care

  1. If your feline is on medication, we will endeavour to ensure that it is given the appropriate doses at appropriate times. We accept no responsibility for any liability in relation to the administration or lack of administration of medication to your feline.
  2. At the time of your booking, we will require you to provide details of your preferred vet.
  3. If there is a medical emergency and your feline requires urgent medical attention, we will endeavour to contact you prior to taking your feline to the vet.
  4. If we cannot contact you, we will make every attempt to take your feline to your preferred vet. If we cannot get to your preferred vet, we will use our local vet.
  5. You authorise Cat Napping Suburban Retreat to allow emergency vet treatment up to the cost of $300.
  6. You are liable for paying any medical fees that arise from the vet visit.

General Clauses

  1. All felines will be fed high quality feline food.
  2. Photos and videos of your feline may be used on social media for marketing purposes. If you would prefer that we do not take or use photos or videos of your feline, please advise us at the time of booking.
  3. Our services do not include grooming. We have a groomer that we can recommend to tend to the grooming of your feline. You are liable for the cost for grooming.
  4. All felines are kept in individual cages but are individually allowed playtime in a communal area.
  5. If felines are brought in by the same family, they may be kept in the same cage.
  6. If you do not pick up your feline within 14 days of the end date of your booking, we reserve the right to surrender your feline to the pound.
  7. Owners are responsible for any excessive damage caused to any other feline or property by their feline.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse boarding at our sole discretion at any time.


  1. The Client indemnifies Cat Napping Suburban Retreat against all losses, damage or liability arising in connection with:
  • claims by third parties of infringement of intellectual property;
  • competing claims to title;
  • loss or damage to the property of Cat Napping Suburban Retreat;
  • claims by any person in respect of personal injury, illness or death, or loss of or damage to any property;
  • claims by government authorities for breach of laws; or
  • liability for taxes, duties, fines or penalties.
  1. The Client indemnifies Cat Napping Suburban Retreat against all losses, damage or liability arising in connection with the following scenario’s:
    • If a feline pass away while in her care; or
    • If a feline is impregnated while in her care; or
    • If a feline is injured or falls ill while in her care.
  2. In the event that your feline dies while in our care, we will notify you as soon as practicable to arrange collection.

Limitation of Liability

  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Cat Napping Suburban Retreat gives no warranties, and shall have no liability to the Client in relation to:
  • Use or implementation of the Cat Napping Suburban Retreat’s services;
  • Unsuitability of Cat Napping Suburban Retreat services for any specific purpose;
  • Any other liability relating to the project works or outcomes from Cat Napping Suburban Retreat’s services;
  • Without limiting the foregoing provisions of this clause, neither Cat Napping Suburban Retreat, its employees nor contractors shall have any liability in relation to any indirect or consequential loss, relating to any of the services provided.
  • Any advice provided by Cat Napping Suburban Retreat is general advice only and Cat Napping Suburban Retreat accept no liability if the desired result is not achieved by the Client.

Intellectual Property

  1. Save and except for any third party copyright included on this website under a licence or agreement, all the content of this Website and downloads from it, is owned by Cat Napping Suburban Retreat. All rights reserved.
  2. Other than for the purposes of and subject to the conditions prescribed under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (or any other applicable legislation throughout the world), or as otherwise provided for in this copyright notice, no part of any Content may in any form or by any means (including electronic, mechanical, photocopying or recording) be reproduced, adapted, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted or reproduced on any other Internet website without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.
  3. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat makes no warranties or representations that third party material on this Website or material on other websites to which this Website is linked, does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person anywhere in the world. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat is not, and must not be taken to be, authorising infringement of any intellectual property rights contained in material on other sites by linking this Website to such material on other sites.
  4. This Website may contain trademarks or logos of other companies or organisations and these are proprietary to the registered owner(s) of such marks.

Third Party Material

  1. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat does not sell or provide your personal information to third parties. However, Cat Napping Suburban Retreat may use your information without making reference to your name, to create marketing statistics, identify user demands and to assist in meeting your need.


  1. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat may use cookies to tailor your online experience to you. These cookie will allow the website to remember your actions or preferences over time. Users can delete cookies from their browser at any time.

Consequences of use

  1. This Website may only be used for lawful purposes. Any unlawful use of the Website may give rise to an offence or claim being made against you.

Links to other websites

  1. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat may provide links to other websites on the Website. This does not imply any commercial relationship between Cat Napping Suburban Retreat and the owners of those website. The Cat Napping Suburban Retreat takes no responsibility for any content displayed on those websites. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat website may contain information provided by third parties. Cat Napping Suburban Retreat accepts no responsibility for any advice provided by third parties.


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